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A paved path wide enough to accommodate strollers and wheelchairs dotted with benches hugs the east side of the famous scenic Bow River which runs through the town. Start near the boat docks and stroll along the river, past Central Park and the gazebo, under Banff’s main vehicle bridge, past some gorgeous river homes to the new awarding winning pedestrian bridge which is well worth crossing and lingering on. Return from the river boat docks to the new pedestrian bridge is about 20 mins at a leisurely stroll. You can continue onward if so inclined as the path does continues along the other side of the river and left or east towards the Bow Falls and the famous Banff Springs Hotel . The paved path does end here but the dirt trail is well maintained. Carry on along the more shaded side of the river up a set of log stairs over a small hill to the spectacular Bow Falls, the Banff Springs Golf Course and the hotel – about another 20 mins one way.

Kae Sun recorded and released his debut Lion on a Leash in 2009 largely funded by a grant from the Ontario Arts Council . He soon after re-located to Toronto, Ontario . Lion On A Leash was well received among critics, garnering further recognition for Kae Sun. [3] [4]

Digital Sun - Unique SoundDigital Sun - Unique SoundDigital Sun - Unique SoundDigital Sun - Unique Sound