The mob / once a man twice a child

As the British historian of political thought John Dunn has shown in a useful primer on the subject, the idea of democracy has a history — and that history can help us to gain much-needed perspective on some of the most troubling tendencies of the present political moment. While what the word "democracy" denotes has changed very little over the centuries and millennia — a form of government in which the people or "the many" rule — the way philosophers and intellectuals have evaluated it has shifted radically. What was once considered one of the worst forms of government is presumed by most today to be the only legitimate form of government.

This method can be used when there are limited crew members to assist with the retrieval as nothing has to be done to the jib sheets and only the mainsail needs to be centered. It is also the best method for keeping the MOB in sight. This is not the best maneuver during heavy winds as the boat will catch a lot of wind at the top of the tack.

Seconds count in a man overboard situation. The AISLink MOB automatically activates upon inflation of the lifejacket, sending an initial alert within 15 seconds to all AIS receivers and plotters in the vicinity. Both positioning and MOB emergency messages are transmitted alerting vessels up to 5 miles away of your emergency situation.

The Mob / Once A Man Twice A ChildThe Mob / Once A Man Twice A ChildThe Mob / Once A Man Twice A ChildThe Mob / Once A Man Twice A Child