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Ultimately, the musician is loving every moment of fatherhood, calling it, "the happiest time of my life." And though not all parents are touring musicians, McMahon says he thinks other moms and dads will relate to his video. "I hope they see themselves in it," he said, adding, "While not everyone spends as much time on a tour bus as we might, there is a universal truth in seeing a new life through the world -- I hope we hit on some of that."

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The Oriel (Anglicisation of Airgíalla ) MacMahons were based in the barony of Truagh in the north of County Monaghan and ruled the kingdom of Oriel between the thirteenth and the sixteenth centuries. Their last chief, Hugh Oge MacMahon, who had become a lieutenant-colonel in the Spanish army, was beheaded by the English in 1641. A separate McMahon family in County Fermanagh is descended from Mahon Maguire, a grandson of Donn Carrach Maguire. Today, although widespread throughout Ireland, MacMahon remains most common in the two ancestral homelands of Counties Clare and Monaghan. [3]

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