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The initiative was blessed by the Melbourne Cricket Club and there is no doubt that the well established Cricketing organization which existed at that time aided greatly the rapid rise of the game which drew large crowds by the 1870s. The South Australian Football Association (now the governing body know as South Australian National Football League (SANFL) was founded on the 30th of April, 1877 and the Victorian Football Association (VFA) was formed 7th May, 1877 (now operates as a semi-professional league). By the late 1800s the new game was supreme in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.
Cricket and the need for a winter training alternative were later to play a part in the adoption of Rugby as it had in the creation of Australian rules football. In 1858.

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We saved more lives through organ, eye and tissue donation. More adults in our region said “yes” to donation. And more patients qualified for donation at the time of tragedy, selflessly giving the gift of life to another.

Tom Eales - Ella - IlluminateTom Eales - Ella - Illuminate