Inverted defiled tales

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Reader's Comments . Part 1 Football season had arrived (finally), but Bertram Seagram was not a happy man. Sole owner of the newly franchised team, the Memphis ...

The people of Oranou are desperate. The village is on the brink of starvation and has little chance of surviving the harsh winter. Even if they had enough food and supplies, Lord Strahd’s taxes are due, and the ruler of Barovia does not accept excuses as payment. The Burgomaster and others in the village have recently learned of a wealthy estate that might have enough resources to solve both of Oranou’s problems.

Early dawn (‘at the crack of dawn’)  - Literally, "at deep dawn" or "or the dawn being deep." The adjective bathus (deep) was often used of time. This very idiom occurs in Aristophanes, Plato,etc. John 20:1 adds “while it was yet dark.” That is, when they started, for the sun was risen when they arrived (Mark 16:2). They could have accomplished nothing in the dark but were there as early as they could be to accomplish their supposed task of anointing Jesus' body.

That night, the lake froze, encasing the men and causing their flesh to break open from the frost. At this point, some of the men were likely wishing that God hadn’t bothered to save them from stoning. One of the Forty broke and ran for the tub, only to die as soon as he touched the water. The rest of the men prayed to God in their suffering.

Inverted Defiled Tales