The surfaris hit city '64

Not every hit of the eighties was original material. There were some songs that were coveres of songs from other decades, and even other contemporay artists. This page is just a simple list of which songs weren't by their original artist when they were made into hits in the eighties. I also have a page of songs from the eighties that are being remade now and a page about cover bands for the eighties .

English singer Limahl sang lead vocal on two US one-hit wonder songs; the first, " Too Shy " in 1983, came during his tenure as the frontman for the group Kajagoogoo . The next year, he had another hit single as a solo artist with " The NeverEnding Story ", the title track to the film The NeverEnding Story . [10] The latter song charted at number 17 in May 1985.

Scratching is a form of rubbing which may create scratches. If a living creature scratches their skin, it is usually due to itching . This response is sometimes called a scratch reflex .

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The Surfaris Hit City '64The Surfaris Hit City '64The Surfaris Hit City '64The Surfaris Hit City '64