Ipsissimus - the way of descent

John Zorn appears on over 400 recordings as a composer or performer. This is a selection of recordings released under his name, bands he was/is part of, collaborations with other musicians, and significant albums to which he has contributed. The year indicates when the album was first released and any subsequent years if the following release included additional material.

1. The First Secret of Fatima
2. Monakhourgia / The Prince of Tyre
3. The Second Secret of Fatima
4. The Alchemist's Goatthrone
5. The Third Secret of Fatima
6. Hodos Autapophaseos

IPSISSIMUS was founded when His Emissary (guitars) and Haimatokharmes (drums) met by providence on 6/6/06 in New Haven, CT, and found in one another worthy vessels of channeling the occult philosophies into ritual Black Metal. In November of that year, Tichondrius (bass/vocals) completed the trinity. Matching their music to orations of black piety that draw from esoteric traditions antique and modern, often composed in the dead tongues of the ancients themselves, IPSISSIMUS initiates the listener to a Left-Hand Gnosis with a unique and irrefutable statement of American Black Metal.

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Ipsissimus - The Way Of DescentIpsissimus - The Way Of DescentIpsissimus - The Way Of DescentIpsissimus - The Way Of Descent