Swarm intelligence - field recordings

Somehow, Swarm's intelligence survived, presumably due to the fact that he no longer needed the human skeleton upon which to manifest. Years later, experiments on a supercollider project at the Rand-Meachum laboratories in Houston, Texas, began disrupting the migratory patterns of various insects and causing Swarm severe distress. Vowing revenge, Swarm used various insects under his control to surreptitiously sabotage the project. The insect attacks alerted the attention of a government watchdog group. The leader of the group contacted his old friend, Doctor Druid , for help. Druid, in turn, manipulated events so that Doctor Henry Pym (in his Giant-Man identity) would unknowingly join his team of " Secret Defenders " to investigate.

"to climb by clasping with the arms and legs alternately," 1540s, perhaps originally a sailors' word, of uncertain origin. Also recorded as swarve (16c.) and in Northern dialects swarble, swarmle .

Unanimous AI’s artificial swarm intelligence is called UNU , and it’s had a flurry of accurate predictions , including forecasts for the Super Bowl, the Oscars, the Stanley Cup, a fairly accurate March Madness bracket , as well as anticipating . president Donald Trump as TIME Magazine’s 2016 Person of the Year . Now, it’s predicting that TIME’s 2017 Person of the Year will be Russian president Vladimir Putin.

UNANIMOUS AI develops Swarm AI ® technology that amplifies human intelligence, empowering groups to optimize their collective knowledge, wisdom, and intuition by forming real-time AI systems.

Swarm Intelligence - Field RecordingsSwarm Intelligence - Field RecordingsSwarm Intelligence - Field RecordingsSwarm Intelligence - Field Recordings