Fright eye - cassette mania vol. 1

Doll: Ghoulia's face was slightly modified for this line, featuring a hole in the mouth that allows removal of the accessory fangs that come with this doll. Her makeup is simple, sporting a simple lashed eyeliner with electric blue eyeshadow and Navy blue lipstick. Her hair is Light and dark blue streaked, and pulled back into two low pigtails with bangs, mimicking Draculaura's Basic hairstyle.
Clothes: Ghoulia's dress is a puff sleeved dress with a removeable overskirt. The dress features black puff sleeves with red trim, the bodice is a blue pattern featuring brains with bat wings. The dress ends with a black ruched skirt. The overskirt is a ruffled overskirt featuring a red bow an the same brain with bat wing print as the bodice of her dress. The dress doesn't seem to have a link to any particular Draculaura doll, but may be one that Draculaura has worn in the series.
Accessories: To go with Ghoulia's modified mouth, she wears a set of accessory fangs that can be removed like earrings. She comes with a black bat wing headband, a red heart shaped bracelet, a recast version of Draculaura's Basic umbrella and a recast of Draculaura's Picture day boots. Included with, but not worn are a recast version of Ghoulia's Basic glasses in black.
Extras: Like all other Freaky Fusion dolls, Ghoulia comes with an Electric Yellow brush and stand.

Later Emily and Matthew go back to the theater to help manage the stage. They meet the director of the Theater Guild, Charlie Stolfitz . They follow him to help him move some set pieces from his last production called The Pirates of Penance. Matthew and Emily go to move a fake palm tree covered with bird droppings. Upon realizing that it was indeed bird droppings that it was covered in, Matthew drops it on Emily's foot. They look around and see that the majority of the set pieces are covered in bird droppings. Mr. Stolfitz explains that instead of using a fake parrot, he used a real one that got a little "out of control".