The dobsons - the dobson sound

Its retail price was five Pennsylvania dollars per volume, about 15% less than the price of Britannica in America, subject to import tax on British books. [2] Purchasers included George Washington , Thomas Jefferson , Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton . [3] The original printing of 2,000 copies had sold out by 1818, at which time he still had a quantity of the 3-volume supplement remaining. To sell it, he had new title pages for the 3 volumes printed up dated 1818, and called them the Encyclopedia. [4] By the time of Dobson's death in 1823 the Encyclopædia was outdated, and was eventually superseded by the first edition of Encyclopedia Americana (1829-1833).

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In the case of these modern instruments, a "Dobson model" just refers to a banjo with a Dobson-style tone ring, as most modern "Dobson" banjos don't otherwise really resemble the 19th century HC Dobsons in any major way.

The Dobsons - The Dobson SoundThe Dobsons - The Dobson SoundThe Dobsons - The Dobson SoundThe Dobsons - The Dobson Sound