Maurice west - labyrinth

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In the seventh book, "The Insider", Tia Dalma escapes confinement in Mexico by casting an illusion spell to make her captors think she hadn't. She travels to the site of Chernabog's revival, venturing into the labyrinth to seek her master. However, she used two balls of twine in the search (to make sure that she wasn't getting lost inside of it as well). Upon smelling decay, she dug through the rubble and found the corpse of Maleficent's dragon form. She took bones from the corpse, putting them in a pouch. Discovering workers drilling for natural gas, Tia used her voodoo magic to force the machine to work at maximum capacity, resulting in the labyrinth's destruction. This released the Evil Queen (whose beauty was now gone, along with much of her sanity) and Chernabog. She arranged for their transport to Disneyland through numerous supply trucks.

I Am Legend James Newton Howard (2007) ****
I Am Number Four Trevor Rabin (2011) ***
I Capture the Castle Dario Marianelli (2003) ****
I, the Jury Bill Conti (1982) ***
I Know Who Killed Me Joel McNeely (2007) ****
I’ll Cry Tomorrow Alex North (1955) *****
I Ought to Be in Pictures Marvin Hamlisch (1982) ***
I, Robot Marco Beltrami (2004) *** 1/2
I Sell the Dead Jeff Grace (2009) ****
I Want to be a Shellfish Joe Hisaishi (2008) **** 1/2
Ice Age David Newman (2002) ****
Ice Age: The Meltdown John Powell (2006) *** 1/2
Ice Age: Continental Drift John Powell (2012) ***
Ice Station Zebra Michel Legrand (1968) ****
Identity Alan Silvestri (2003) *
The Ides of March Alexandre Desplat (2011) ****
The Illustrated Man Jerry Goldsmith (1969) ****
Imago Mortis Zacarias M. de la Riva (2009) ****
The Imitation Game Alexandre Desplat (2014) ****
The Impossible Fernando Velázquez (2012) **** 1/2
In Country James Horner (1989) ****
In From the Night and Silver Bells Mark McKenzie (2005) ****
In Harm’s Way Jerry Goldsmith (1965) ****
In Like Flint and Our Man Flint Jerry Goldsmith (1966/7) ***
In Love and War and Woman Obsessed Hugo Friedhofer (1958/9) ****
In the Bedroom Thomas Newman (2001) **
In the Heart of the Sea Roque Baños (2015) ** 1/2
In My Dreams William Ross (2014) ***
In the Electric Mist Marco Beltrami (2009) ****
In the Valley of Elah Mark Isham (2007) *** 1/2
Inception Hans Zimmer (2010) *****
L’Inchiesta Andrea Morricone (2006) ****
Inchon Jerry Goldsmith (1981) **** 1/2
The Incredibles Michael Giacchino (2004) ****
Indecent Proposal John Barry (1993) ****
Independence Day David Arnold (1996) *****
Independence Day: Resurgence Harald Kloser and Thomas Wander (2016) **
Indian Summers Stephen Warbeck (2015) ****
Inferno Hans Zimmer (2016) ***
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom John Williams (1984) **** 1/2
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull John Williams (2008) **** 1/2
The Indiana Jones Trilogy John Williams (2003 compilation) ***
L’Industriale Andrea Morricone (2012) ****
The Informant! Marvin Hamlisch (2009) *****
The Informers Christopher Young (2009) ***
Innerspace Jerry Goldsmith (1987) ***
The Innkeepers Jeff Grace (2011) ****
Inside Man Terence Blanchard (2006) ***
Instinct Danny Elfman (1998) ****
The Interpreter James Newton Howard (2005) *
Interstellar Hans Zimmer (2014) *****
The Interview and This Is The End Henry Jackman (2014/3) ****
Into the Storm Brian Tyler (2014) ***
Into the West Geoff Zanelli (2005) ***
The Invasion John Ottman (2007) *** 1/2
Inventing the Abbotts Michael Kamen (1997) *** 1/2
Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion Ennio Morricone (1970) ****
Invincible Hans Zimmer and Klaus Badelt (2002) *** 1/2
Invito Allo Sport Ennio Morricone (1978) ***
IQ Jerry Goldsmith (1994) **
The Ipcress File John Barry (1965) ****
Iris James Horner (2001) ***
The Iron Giant Michael Kamen (1999) *****
The Iron Lady Thomas Newman (2011)  ****
Iron Man Ramin Djawadi (2008)  No stars
Iron Man 2 John Debney (2010)  ***
Iron Monkey James L. Venable (2001) **
Iron Will Joel McNeely (1994) ****
Ironclad Lorne Balfe (2011) **
The Island Ennio Morricone (1980) ****
The Island Steve Jablonsky (2005) *
The Island at the Top of the World Maurice Jarre (1974) ***
Island of Lost Souls Jane Antonia Cornish (2007) ****
The Island of Secrets Panu Aaltio (2014) ***
Islands in the Stream Jerry Goldsmith (1976) *****
It’s Complicated Hans Zimmer and Heitor Pereira (2009) ***
The Italian Job John Powell (2003) ***

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Maurice West - LabyrinthMaurice West - LabyrinthMaurice West - LabyrinthMaurice West - Labyrinth