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Brave words, but not matched by deeds. Ironically, the first scripts for the film, back in 2007, did provide the sort of radically different take on the Robin Hood story Crowe was looking for: Robin Hood as dodgy outlaw and a more sympathetic sheriff of Nottingham (a reversal brilliantly managed in the 1976 film Robin and Marian, starring Sean Connery as an ageing, trouble-making Robin). The 2007 treatment, by Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris, sounds very promising, its boldness underlined by the fact that the working title was not Robin Hood but "Nottingham". It could have been glorious, but Scott hated it.

The plot is all over the place, with lots of ideas and characters left hanging like the branches of the great big oak tree that snakes along the ceiling of the theatre. Marion’s shallow sister, Alice ( Sarah Schenkkan ), isn’t given much to do. A subplot involving two kids lacks any arc. And none of Robin’s entourage is very well-defined except in the pec and abs departments.

Darla Hood then went solo with singing engagements in nightclubs and guest appearances on TV. She was a regular on The Ken Murray Show from 1950 to 1951. In 1955, she was a leading lady in the act of ventriloquist Edgar Bergen . In 1957, Darla was a regular performer on The Merv Griffin Show for the American Broadcasting Network. [1] Other credits that year include a hit record, "I Just Wanna Be Free." [2] and a duet with Johnny Desmond in the Sam Katzman movie "Calypso Heat Wave." [3] Between 1959 and 1962 she recorded several singles for the small Ray Note and Acama labels. [4]

Real - Heart Of The HoodReal - Heart Of The HoodReal - Heart Of The HoodReal - Heart Of The Hood