The deacons - greetings from brooklyn

Greetings! We hope you will take a little time to get to know this amazing congregation, one that demonstrates time and again that we are a “high risk, low anxiety” church. Our members hail from many cultures, nations, and from every continent. We are serious about discipleship here in order to learn to live with joy and abandon in Jesus Christ. You are most welcome to visit in person, for there’s no way to describe our church in words – we simply must be experienced.

Sunday School 9:45AM
Sunday Morning Worship 11:00AM
Sunday Evening Worship 5:30PM
Wednesday Bible Study 6:00PM

What unfolds in the succeeding pages is an engagement with the relevant New Testament texts and a God-glorifying pursuit of their contextual, Biblical meaning. The outcome is not merely doctrinaire abstraction, not merely culture-confronting complementarianism, not merely a re-thinking of the inherited, historical norms and traditions, but a practical, non-cumbersome outworking of church governance which aligns with Scripture and aims at meeting the myriad needs of the local expression of the body of Christ.

To all who might feel alone or lonely, to all who might feel helpless or hopeless, to those who might be worried or frightened about the future…Mary is there.  The reassuring words to her — “Do not be afraid” — are now her words to us.  This day, we remember Mary.  And we ask her to remember us.  Our faith assures us that she will.

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Greetings, Brothers and Sisters in Christ! This Sunday is Pentecost, the birthday of the Christian church and it comes just a week after I celebrated both my girls’ birthdays. I have been neck deep in baking cupcakes, buying decorations, planning games, making goodie bags and wrapping presents. A birthday is not about any of these […]

The Deacons - Greetings From BrooklynThe Deacons - Greetings From BrooklynThe Deacons - Greetings From BrooklynThe Deacons - Greetings From Brooklyn