Bessie smith - down hearted blues / gulf coast blues

The character of Bessie Smith is only referred to in Albee's play and does not appear on stage. In early performances, Albee did not even allow music or pictures of her to be used.

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I found this great collection of long forgotten women blues singers on CD years ago. It is also available on Spotify: “Barrelhouse Mamas: Born in the Alley, Raised Up in the Slum.” Gems: Leola Manning-Satan in Busy in Knoxville and Lucille Bogen-They Ain’t Walking No More.

Smith's popularity as a recording artist crested around 1929. Then the combination of radio, talking pictures, and the Great Depression (1929–39; a period of severe economic downfall resulting in the loss of jobs for millions) undermined the entire recording industry. The price she could demand dipped and she was forced to sell her railroad car. The smaller towns she played housed theaters of lesser quality. Even so she starred in a 1929 two-reel film, St. Louis Blues, a semiautobiographical effort that received some exposure through 1932.

 · On this day in History , Blues singer Bessie Smith, killed in Mississippi car wreck, is buried on Oct 04, 1937. Learn more about what happened today on History .

As this story goes, Bessie Smith stays out of sight. She doesn't appear in the hospital conference room where the action is ongoing. Still her powerful, crackling voice reverberates.

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Bessie Smith - Down Hearted Blues / Gulf Coast BluesBessie Smith - Down Hearted Blues / Gulf Coast BluesBessie Smith - Down Hearted Blues / Gulf Coast BluesBessie Smith - Down Hearted Blues / Gulf Coast Blues