T. rex t•rex the t•rex wax co. singles a's and b's 1972-77

"Ride a White Swan" was quickly followed by a second single, " Hot Love ", which reached the top spot on the UK charts, and remained there for six weeks. A full band, which featured bassist Steve Currie and drummer Bill Legend , was formed to tour to growing audiences, as teenagers began replacing the hippies of old. [7] After Chelita Secunda added two spots of glitter under Bolan's eyes before an appearance on Top of the Pops , the ensuing performance would often be viewed as the birth of glam rock. After Bolan's display, glam rock would gain popularity in the UK and Europe during 1971–72. T. Rex's move to electric guitars coincided with Bolan's more overtly sexual lyrical style and image. The group's new image and sound outraged some of Bolan's older hippie fans, who branded him a " sell-out ". Some of the lyrical content of Tyrannosaurus Rex remained, but the fairy tales about wizards and magic were now interspersed with sensuous grooves, replete with orgiastic moans and innuendo.

T-REX ® is powered by a BMW® engine. Comfortable, powerful and sophisticated, it has a very unique and exclusive look. Prepare your journey and hit the road.

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Benefit: Strong hold on rough, dirty surfaces like brick, concrete, shingles, painting and non-painted wood, and vinyl siding

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T. Rex T•Rex The T•Rex Wax Co. Singles A's And B's 1972-77T. Rex T•Rex The T•Rex Wax Co. Singles A's And B's 1972-77T. Rex T•Rex The T•Rex Wax Co. Singles A's And B's 1972-77T. Rex T•Rex The T•Rex Wax Co. Singles A's And B's 1972-77