Treponem pal excess & overdrive

Produced by Young Gods member Franz Treichler , Excess & Overdrive , the third album of Treponem Pal , remains the masterpiece of the band. After the 1992 Loolapalooza tour with Ministry , and Aggravation in 1991, the compositions of the band have now come to maturity. Mixing industrial, hardcore, and tribal music, Excess & Overdrive is a dark and powerful album. The vocal parts, deep and low, of Marco Neves may here be repellent at first for the listener not used to hardcore music, but the loud, intelligent guitars and the great quality of the songs will appeal to any industrial music lover.

Treponem Pal has returned with a new album released in March 2008, entitled Weird Machine . The album features Ted Parsons (from Swans and Prong ) on drums and Paul Raven (from Killing Joke , Ministry and Prong ) on bass, though tragically Raven suffered heart failure and died while collaborating with the band on the French-Swiss border. [1] The album combines their earlier aggressive sound with more "rock" pieces as well as some "industrial ballads". The album was Produced by David Weber and Mastered by Maor Appelbaum

Treponem Pal Excess & OverdriveTreponem Pal Excess & OverdriveTreponem Pal Excess & OverdriveTreponem Pal Excess & Overdrive