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The problem of juvenile runaways is particularly complex because it suggests other social problems, such as family dysfunction and child abuse. As a result, police will be able to affect only a segment of the problem directly. Although many things can be done to address the underlying causes of the problem, police are primarily concerned about reducing the harm that comes to or is caused by runaways when they are absent from home or care. For example, some runaways are

In May 2017, Marvel released teasers with the characters of the Runaways. In June 2017, it was announced that Marvel will release a new Runaways series written by Rainbow Rowell , and illustrated by Kris Anka . The new series was released in September 2017.

When she finally fessed up, Bingenheimer squealed, “Oh, you’re perfect!” He told her there was this producer she had to meet—right now, in an apartment a short drive away—who was putting together an all-girl rock band. Maybe she’d like to be a part of it? Jackie had no idea what to say. She was giddy. She was dubious. She took along two friends as a precaution.

After an unsuccessful mission to rescue Excavator from his father and the Wrecking Crew , the team returned to the Hostel to be comforted by a mortally wounded Heroine , a woman claiming to Gert's future self and leader of the Avengers . Using the 4-D Time Portico , she narrowly escaped the onslaught of Victorious , with a message to the Runaways: find Victor Mancha and stop him from becoming this deadly super-villain. [19]

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The drastic changes from the comics to the TV series don’t sink Runaways , and in some cases, the show makes smart changes like showing the influence of technology and trying to streamline certain aspects that may have worked on the page but not on the screen (then again, the show has a scene where one of the parents gives a weird alien thing on a respirator a boner that glows). And yet overall, Schwartz and Savage seemed to have missed what made Vaughan’s comics so compelling in the first place. Rather than get their characters on the run, they’d rather slow them to a crawl.

Once inseparable but now estranged following the apparent suicide of Amy Minoru, the older sister of isolated goth Nico (Lyrica Okano), the children reunite at the Wilder house that same evening, in part through the efforts of nerdy Alex Wilder (Rhenzy Feliz), but also through a series of unfortunate coincidences: Lacrosse player Chase Stein (Gregg Sulkin) stands up Gert Yorkes (Ariela Barer), who had offered to tutor him in Spanish, to instead go to a party. There, good-girl Karolina passes out after removing her Church of Gibborim bracelet for the first time in her life, revealing her iridescent true form, and is nearly sexually assaulted by Chase’s jock friends. Left home alone, where there’s something lurking behind a door in the basement, young Molly Hernandez ( not Hayes, played by Allegra Acosta) calls her adoptive sister Gert — a significant departure from the source material — and pleads to be taken anywhere but there.

There are several changes from the comic and it’s plain to see how each one was necessary to make the show a strong adaption. Now, there is one huge change from the comic that fundamentally alters the story. I won’t spoil it here, but suffice to say that it was clearly added to start things off with a more dramatic oomph. It often works, driving characters to act out and make hard decisions, but it’s also laid on pretty thick and can occasionally send things into melodramatic overdrive. It’s this addition that causes nearly every scene to be so gosh darn sad.

So far, the only Easter eggs that have been revealed are ones that only truly devoted Marvel fans are likely to pick up on; most casual fans of the MCU wouldn’t be aware of Timely Comics or Atlas Comics. However, these are sure to be only a few of the Easter eggs that Marvel is putting in Runaways . From what has been seen so far, it seems that Runaways is going to be very accurate to the source material, which means plenty of opportunities for other references to show up. As Okano herself says, there are sure to be some that even they aren’t aware of!

The Runaways - Young And FastThe Runaways - Young And FastThe Runaways - Young And FastThe Runaways - Young And Fast