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Good recipe!
Coconut oil is even a good cooking oil and great medicinal,due to it's Lauric acid content, extremely beneficial!

The ultimate bowling experience —
with state-of-the-art equipment and amenities for every level of bowler. From bumpers and lightweight balls for the kids to competitive oil patterns for the pros, AMF is
America’s place to play.

Used for stirring, a spoon is passed through a substance with a continued circular movement for the purpose of mixing, blending, dissolving, cooling, or preventing sticking of the ingredients. Mixed drinks may be " muddled " by working a spoon to crush and mix ingredients such as mint and sugar on the bottom of a glass or mixer. Spoons are employed for mixing certain kinds of powder into water to make a sweet or nutritious drink. A spoon may also be employed to toss ingredients by mixing them lightly until they are well coated with a dressing.

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Back in the attic, Nick and the others manage to communicate that the baseball made the machine work and Wayne realizes the laser it blocked was giving it too much heat, causing things to blow up. He corrects the mistake and Russ Sr. volunteers as a test subject, which is almost successful (his hat no longer fits, but then again, Mae took the cigarettes he was hiding them in). The kids are then restored to their normal sizes and are reunited with their families. Months later, at Thanksgiving the Thompsons and Szalinskis, now close friends, are toasting over an enlarged turkey. Russ and Amy are apparently dating now while Ron and Nick are friends, while Quark is eating from an enlarged Milk-Bone treat. Nick finally gets a joke that Russ told him about learning CPR in "French" class . He laughs.